Subway Visualization Management Solution

uinnova 3D solution comes with easy to use online builder to create subway stations and surrounding campus easily. It also comes with industrial 3D models including CCTV, alarms, smoke detector, electrical power, physical entry system, glass door, escalator, staircases, elevator, train carriage, etc.

The solutions consolidate all data in one single pane of glass, a.k.a a scene. uinnova offers its users the ability to create a scene, drag and drop 3D models, import asset data and manage all important objects, allowing subway stations to integrate their operational systems, such as CCTV surveillance cameras, to analyze camera blind spots, to locate smoke detector alarms and their positions.

Integrated Systems

Video Surveillance System
Security Alarms System
Smoke and Fire Alarm Systems
Device Management System
Broadcast System

Solution Values

uinnova offers subways a quick and low cost method to recreate real-life 3D subway scenes and integrate security data, improving the quality and management levels of subways.

Navigation Visualization

uinnova can quickly recreate 3D floor plans of subways with devices and rooms as objects, displaying real time data and reflecting real-life situations at low cost.

Information Classification & Display

uinnova can display information such as surveillance footage, firefighting devices, alarms, device management and all corresponding data as data signs within a 3D scene.

Daily Surveillance Visualization

uinnova can connect with surveillance system data and display surveillance footage, alarm, or even create dynamic graphs allowing users to better understand their security conditions.