DataCenter Visualizer

uinnova Datacenter Visualizer (uDCV) is a data integration and visualization platform, which enables users to visualize information about a datacenter's facility, storage, network, servers, operating systems, virtual machines and applications.

uDCV allows users to create one integrated and holistic 3D datacenter visualization for all IT staff which reduces and eliminates information asymmetry between different departments.

uinnova solutions have already been deployed to many datacenters, among these customers are large banks, energy sector companies, government agencies, F100 enterprises and IDCs with millions of managed IT equipment.


Asset Visualization

- Asset location, physical appearance, advance multi-criteria search.
- Large 3D datacenter models library of IT infrastructure and equipment available.

Environment Visualization

- 3D Datacenter campus, buildings, floors, rooms and cages views.
- Landscape and drone style fly-over views.

Cabling Visualization

- Electrical wires and conduits
- Patch panel and cabling
- Port-to-Port connection path
- HVAC Utility pipeline

Capacity Visualization

- U-level and cabinet level space utilization
- Cabinet power consumption
- Weight bearing distribution

Monitoring Visualization

- IT equipment performance and alerting
- Datacenter room temperature and humidity
- UPS/PDU/Air Conditioning electrical power

Presentation Visualization

- Self-direct 3D animation
- Embedded Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in 3D datacenter view